Six color options with high quality machining which make the moisture options of open/close a breeze to use.


Understanding the importance of providing the precise amount of space to house the bagpipe, an additional chanter and other accessories, was crucial in crafting a case, which was easy to carry, yet hard enough to prevent damage to cherished instruments. Being able to quickly and effectively open the case is something which will save countless hours of frustration caused by struggling with unreliable zippers through the years. Our heavy duty zipper which opens the case, ensures the long-lasting durability and ease of use. A strong handle is equally as important as the zipper for delivering the kind of excellence we demand. We have a handle for the option of “side carrying” to provide further flexibility. Utilizing only YKK zip and “Hypalon” material for the handle on every single Kyloe, ensures the type of ruggedness and reliability we proudly provide. Whether the choice is leather or synthetic, comfort-fitted stylish and strong backpack straps make it easy for travel. Realizing that sometimes the weather is not accomodating, a reliable rain cover keeps the case safe and dry. Our quality is our promise.

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